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Unlocking the Full Potential of Oxygen for Agriculture

The Bloom is tailor-made for commercial greenhouses. The Bloom efficiently saturates irrigation water with oxygen enriched nanobubbles, helping unlock the full genetic potential of the plants. Available in 25, 50 & 150 gpm (6, 12 & 36 m3/hr) flow rates.  The Bloom is also available with dissolved oxygen (DO) monitoring capability.

90% standard oxygen transfer efficiency

Oxygenation of any tank and any depth of water

Improved water quality

Low-feed gas pressure sensor

In excess of one billion nanobubbles / ml

Optional: DO monitoring

Increased nutrient uptake efficiency

Easy integration with fertigation and climate control systems


All-Natural and Chemical-Free Method for Aquatic Management

Moleaer’s Clear is an all-natural, chemical-free method to saturate lake and ponds of all sizes with dissolved oxygen (DO). Sustaining DO levels throughout the water column and by penetrating the muck layer helps reduce the nutrient recycling rate into the water from the sediment. Phosphorus cycling, in particular, is one the primary factors known to trigger and sustain algae blooms. Available in 50 and 150 gpm flow rates, the durable Clear is easy to install, operate, and maintain.

Highest Oxygen Transfer Efficiency

Global Remote Monitoring Capability

Quiet, <65 dB

>1 Billion Nanobubbles / mL

Moleaer has demonstrated the proven benefits of nanobubble technology in various industries around the world. Businesses are realizing the effect nanobubbles can have on their operations, helping them save money and work more efficiently.

Moleaer's nanobubble technology is helping farms grow more crops.

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