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Primary Module

The Primary Module is the ultimate high-volume container farm. Engineered to support the highest quality of plant health and efficient growing, the Primary Module is capable of industry leading harvest yields.

Higher plant yields

Insulated, sealed and controlled environment

LED lighting to optimize plant growth 

Spacious for easy planting & harvesting

Clean: chemical free, pesticide free, no insecticides, no herbicides. 

Vestibule Module

The Vestibule Module is a bridge unit add-on that allows farmers to walk from one module to another without altering the controlled temperature in each. Farmers can operate in different areas without stepping outside, meaning the module acts as a climate barrier for crops. 

Reduces energy consumption by up to 50%

Helps keep out pollution & bugs

Ideal for scaling up

Can be used for additional storage

Macro Module

This is a high-producing module that allows farmers to increase growing capabilities by up to 125%. It is powered by 300 ZipGrow towers, all packed into the same footprint as the Primary Module. This unit is configured to focus almost entirely on production and plant growth.

Rust-resistant panels and boasts

Sealed, truly controlled environment

Made from durable, resilient components

Ability to recycle air and water in a closed-loop, recirculating system.

Modular Farms Australia prides itself as an Australian-owned family business providing Australian farmers with vertical farming solutions compatible with multiple terrains, weather conditions and a focus on plant health. When you work with us, you’ll be joining our community of Australian farmers working to collectively innovate and transform the agricultural landscape in the Oceanic region.

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