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Here’s how the Just
Vertical system works

4 Easy Steps

1. Plug it in

2. Add pods

3. Add water

4. Enjoy

Types of Vertical Systems


A modern hydroponic garden system that allows you to grow large indoor plants. Canadian made, this indoor garden makes vertical farming at home possible and beautifully complements your home. The AEVA can grow over 200 different plants, and up to 10 lbs of fresh, sustainable and pesticide-free produce on a monthly basis.

Starting at $999 CAD


The EVE is a modern hydroponic garden system designed to fit in the tiniest of spaces, without compromising the quality and efficiency of this vertical garden. With the newly launched EVE, now any gardener can have their own indoor garden and grow fresh, pesticide-free food in the comforts of their home. 

Starting at $599 CAD

Everything you need
to get growing

1. Pods

2. Nutrients

3. Tools

We’re different from the other guys

Indoor plants are proven to improve health through consumption, reduce stress, improve air quality and overall happiness.

Here are some benefits


Go on vacation for 2 weeks and don’t worry about  watering your plants


Its white light fits into
 your existing decor


Extra storage space for
 more than just plants


A living art piece
to show off


Built for growing not cleaning, you don’t need to take anything apart, just wipe it down

We have the experience
to help you grow. 

For Farmers. By Farmers.

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