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Indoor Farm Brokers

Your farm in the right hands.

We are a small team of indoor farming experts that can combine our knowledge of product development, indoor farming operations and technology to ensure your project is a success.

Why work with us?

Your farm designed and managed from start to finish.

Our service is paid by our partners

We outline the best products for your project

The right team available to fit all your project needs.


HVAC Consultants


LED Lighting Specialists

Training to guide you on the path to success.

Expertise in multiple types of farming

In-house trainer

We have a team that will make your farming project a success

We have the experience
to help you grow. 

For Farmers. By Farmers.

Cultivatd is an indoor farming brokerage.

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(613) 360 - 5195    |    hello@cultivatd.com
Unit 109, 703 Cotton Mill St. Cornwall, ON, CA