Modular, scalable,

deep-water culture system.

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The Grostack System

A deep-water flow raft system

The Grostack is a modular farm system built on a deepwater culture rack and with floating rafts for plant growth. It is efficient, simple and works.

Excellent oxygen and consistent fertilizer distribution

Reduced crop loss due to pump failure or timer issues

Less maintenance and human-impact requirements

Flexible crop scheduling

Use two fertigation recipes for herbs and lettuce

Starting at $45/sqft USD

& Scalable

The system is designed to include add-on modules to help farmers expand their business, or to help make the farms more sustainable. A scalable and interconnected farm system built to accommodate virtually any-sized growing operation.

Achieve production 4 weeks after installation

Easy non-technical installation

The Grostack Details

It’s designed to include add-on modules to help farmers expand their business, or to help make the farms more sustainable.

Plant Space

1 Rack (50 feet run length) and 4 levels high can hold 14,400  plant sites in the 1,600 Sq Ft of growing space.


400 easy-to-install full spectrum, high-efficiency LED lights. Minimizes energy requirements while maximizing production and are easily replaceable.


Each rack is 12 feet in height and can accommodate 4 trays of production per rack. Requires 51 inches of space, plus an aisle for farmers between each rack.


Water levels can be adjusted from 5” to 12” of water depth . Floating racks sit on the water allowing for ultimate root growth without wetting the plants.

Why the Grostack?

People can get caught up in AI or automation and the Grostack is the complete opposite. It is a simple system that is hands-on, works and is inexpensive to operate; 3 things that point to a proven ROI for farmers.


Ideal for:

Small growers looking to expand

Hydroponics / Aquaponics farms

Indoor warehouse farming

Leafy green production

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