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Grobo Solid & Premium

Enjoy the fruits of your labour, without the labour. Grobo grow boxes care for your plant from start to finish.

Fun fact: To maximize your plant's yield, Grobo uses more blue light during vegetative growth and more red light during the flowering phase.

Starts at $1,999

Automatic nutrient dosing

Responsive LED lighting

24/7 environmental monitoring

Educational push notifications

Automated pH balancing

Optional drying racks

Grobo Start

The easiest way to start your seeds

  • Two light cycles

  • Adjustable LED light height

  • Easy to fill and clean water tank

  • Humidity domes for better germination

  • Start up to 3 seeds at once

  • Educational push notifications

Works with the Grobo Solid and Premium.

Grobo Start is designed to help you start your seeds the easy way.

  • Pick your favourite seeds then plant them into the three Peat Pods using the included tweezers.

  • Cover each pod with a humidity dome, then watch as the condensation forms on the dome and your seed comes to life.

$79.99 per unit.

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