Containerized Indoor Farming Systems.

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A more economical and efficient farming solution than the typical stationary “rack and stack” vertical farming solutions available.


Inter-changable growing trays 

Year-Round Yields

Savings in labour costs

Eliminates the need for harmful pesticides & herbicides

Reduction in energy consumption and

greenhouse gases

Controlled Growing 

Dramatically decreases the
amount of fresh water needed


The CubicFarms Fertigator provides automated, consistent delivery of nutrients, lower labour costs and minimizes the risk of human error in the nutrient mixing process.

Provides a consistent delivery of nutrients to crops and helps ensure consistent growth.


Our patented propagation machine delivers vastly improved cost, efficiency, and quality benefits over traditional propagation methods in widespread use today.

Accommodates up to 120,000 plant sites

Increased plant stem strength

Delivers nearly a 100% germination rate

Reduced labour time and expenses

Seamless, shock-free transplanting


Grow Room

Ideal for growers looking to grow crops more efficiently or need a controlled environment to maximize their growing techniques.

Controlled environment

Space saving

“CubicFarms possesses a winning combination of industry-leading technology and growing expertise, fast-paced culture of innovation, and vision to improve food production efficiencies and food security – to ultimately help farmers feed the world sustainably and profitably.”

Sandy Gerber, CubicFarms, Head of Marketing

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