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Ceres’ unique design allows for easy expansion. Greenhouses and headhouses can be built in phases and configured in many different ways, so your facility’s layout can be tailored to your needs and site conditions.

Uninterrupted workflow

Staggered harvests


Individual control of each grow environment


We provide consulting, design and architectural drawing, and engineering services for custom greenhouses. Custom greenhouse designs are based on our passive solar design principles. Size and potential complexity of a project are determining factors for how customized a project can be. We also work with clients’ existing architects or engineers.


We understand the needs of teachers in the greenhouse, so we design custom year-round, multi-purpose gardening classrooms. These super-efficient educational greenhouses reduce operational costs and maintenance while allowing you a medium to teach students about growing healthy fruits and vegetables year-round.

Students grow the food prepared in their cafeteria

Students have access to a learning garden year-round

Teachers can fully integrate hands-on learning in the classroom, and take advantage of increased learning opportunities

Schools create a green image for the campus


Our greenhouse design team and engineers’ work with you to design and integrate both aquaponics systems and hydroponics systems to suit your growing needs. Soil-less growing can be the right choice for specific applications and are a popular choice for commercial growers interested in aquaponic & hydroponic greenhouses.

Energy Efficient - Reduces energy costs by up to 50%

Solar technology - Self heating


We ensure it runs efficiently in any condition

Our solutions can be found around the world, in climates as far-ranging as Alaska to South Africa. Our clients span backyard gardeners, sustainable farmers, school administrators and big industrial growers.

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