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An all-in-one, multiple grow area controller. It runs up to 8 different growing zones, managing climates, reservoirs and irrigation schedules.

Ease of use

Fully customizable

Manage delivery of nutrients and control consistency of humidity, temperature, and light.

Manage climate control in multiple growing zones

Ask us about our other controllers for single growing zones.



All your data at a glance.

With one subscription you can explore your data and control your environment! Meet our data visualization solution for the MultiGrow controller.


IntelliGrow is a cloud-based solution allowing growers to access, set, monitor and manage their IntelliDose or IntelliClimate control systems - anywhere, anytime.


Ensure you’re equipped for success with all the extra bits and bobs you might need to keep the ship running.

For growers looking to optimize, modernize and grow their business for sustainable crop production - the key is automation. The universal benefits of automating your growing operation are vast and it will allow you to achieve your goals - and then some.

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