Automated and Controlled Hydroponic CEA Container Farms

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Integrated Farm Platform

AmplifiedAg's engineered fully-automated vertical container farms, are developed to be a revolutionary, scalable farm technology platform that provide a comprehensive and cutting-edge indoor farm operation. 

Data-driven science, proprietary technology and SaaS software, electronics, and business management systems are combined for fully-automated and controlled indoor farm production and processes.

They have optimized the indoor growing process for maximum yield of consistent, safe, nutritious and high-quality produce.

Developed with universal scalability, the platform can be applied to any farm operation and provides the tools and technology for your business success.

Complete Farm

Up to 100 Container Farms connected together to maximize production.

AmplifiedAg manufactures and builds automated farm suites with 24/7 access, environmental controls, and sensors. They pair this with areas for propagation and growing, sanitation, and storage to ensure your farm production can operate efficiently.

It is a complete farm system capable of expanding as your farm business expands.

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